2 thoughts on “Ultimate L Massage Chair Overview

  1. i LIKE THIS CHAIR but I have a chair that is miles better than this mine does the whole body the entire back and buttox and thigh's too. inc hands and arms and head feet it has full recline zero gravity and multi function massage thai ,american ,hong kong,& chinese styles plus comprehensive manual settings mode ,3 foot rollers and 1 calf roller it has heating though out and also has 102 air bags it also has bluetooth music link up in build speakers ,and it controllable from your android devices eg phone table's.personally
    since buying my chair i am much happier as i don't have a person messing around with me and i don't have to book appointments with masseuse's and i am not subject to there moods my chair gives a perfect massage every time and to suit me to perfection with out talking or having to go any where ,its pure luxury
    please feel free to contact me for recommendations of the best chairs and where to buy them it would be a pleasure to help you to find your best ever massage chair
    I took me months to find my perfect beautiful chair and frankly i am pleased i put so much work in to researching it ,as there are a lot of very expensive chairs that do not do the full body as comprehensively as mine does .give me a message and i will point you in the right direction ,,

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