Patrick Ingrassia: Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage Techniques for Lower Body

Patrick Ingrassia, Founder of the Nayada Institute of Massage , is at the Oakworks facility demonstrating the Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage using the BodySaver method in reverse position for Hip Rotators, Lateral Leg Discover A Lot More

Tight Shoulders? Try This Self Massage Technique From San Jose Chiropractor

San Jose chiropractor Dr. William Holdsworth DC from Pain Relief Chiropractic shows you how you can relieve tight shoulder muscles yourself at home. Blog: Website: Online Newsletter: Discover A Lot More

Massage bấm huyệt chân, masage lưng và đá nóng 80′ -Long Life Spa –

Phục hồi sức khỏe với gói massage bấm huyệt chân kết hợp masage lưng và đá nóng 80' tại Long Life Spa (391 Spa). Click xem thông tin tại đây: Discover A Lot More

Педикюрное Кресло с Массажем, Комплекс Релаксации, Pedicure Massage Chair Review

можно сделать заказ МИНИ СПА КОМПЛЕКС! Роскошь и высокие технологии. Сочетание релакса, изумительного массажа с процедурой Discover A Lot More

Trigger Point Massage | Stress Relief | Holmberg Wellness Group | Chiropractic Services

Dr. Greg Holmberg | chiropractor | Holmberg Wellness Group | demonstrates how to do Trigger Point Massage in the comfort of your home or anywhere. This therapy relieves the effects of stress on our body. Trigger Point helps to release tight, painful Discover A Lot More