Bamboo-Fusion – Chair Massage with Julie Moore


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Julie Moore has been an accomplished Zen Shiatsu Therapist in Ontario, Canada for the past twelve years. Her expertise in Zen Massages, coupled with intuitive healing abilities, makes her one of the most sought-after therapists in the country and she is blessed with an international clientele. The warm Bamboo Fusion Massage is delightful to perform and extremely well received by Canadians because “it is so cold up here!” The Bamboo massage is a smart and valuable technique to learn.

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20 thoughts on “Bamboo-Fusion – Chair Massage with Julie Moore

  1. I can see where it helps the therapist increase his/her longevity in the business as well. Due to less work stress on the hands.

  2. with bamboo you really need to watch going over bony prominences.  I use the bamboo, but I have seen people misuse and injure people because it provides a lot of deep pressure.

  3. I'm not sure if overusing expletives has anything to do with logic. Meanwhile, I had started to convey that using electricity generated by some less harmful way (i.e. photo cells) would be green no matter the instrument (i.e. heating pad, water heater, electric steamer, etc). On the other hand someone shot down my theory because the color of the heating pad happened to be green. I do not see how the color of the pad is related to the topic at hand, but that's someone elses problem, not mine.

  4. I've been intrigued by bamboo massage, I didn't know it could be done as part of a chair massage. I followed the link and there's a therapist that offers it near me; I'm going to check it out!

  5. EXACTLY! That was my fucking point you idiots. If we are calling "green" the usage of equipment that reduces our carbon footprint via electricity usage: HOW does using a heating pad versus the heating of water for hot stones MAKE IT GREEN. Dear Christ you are retarded. Please read up on some logic before you make imbecilic comments!

  6. I think it could be considered not entirely green since the heating pad uses energy to warm the bamboo.

  7. @DeoxysDNA I had in mind the exact interpretation of "green" that you posted. The connection was made this way: Hitreyo asked how a bamboo could be "green" when the use heat from a heating pad. My thought, the pad doesn't change the "greenness" of the bamboo. Likewise, my lawn is "green" not because it is grass, but because it is a growing organism. My car, being a car, doesn't change the "greenness" of my lawn as an organsim. The heating pad has no "ungreen" result on the bamboo. Clearly.

  8. @DraftMasterJohn I think you're miss interpreted what they were saying. They probably meant "green" as in natural and environmentally friendly. Also there's no "e" in ridiculous.

  9. @Hitreyo I guess it would depend on what direction your pronoun is facing, because what you said sounds rediculous. Basically I'll sum up; You wanted to know how a bamboo stick is 'green' if a heating pad is a heating pad? I'd have to say it's no different than; How is my lawn 'green' when my car is a car? Sound rediculous? I bet it does. :O)

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